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Two babies planing with montessori style toys in a playroom

Our Daycare Supports All Areas Of Early Childhood Development.

The development of children during the first few years of life is astounding! Little ones at this age go through huge milestones, one after another. Buttons & Bows Learning Center offers programs designed to support the developmental progression of early childhood through a curriculum based on a child’s natural instinct for exploration and play. We focus on these areas of development, which look different for all ages:







Programs Created For The Unique Needs Of Each Age Group.

We celebrate children at all stages of development! God created each child to be unique, and we rejoice in their differences, meeting them where they are to inspire a lifelong love of learning. 

Baby Playing with Abacus


Newborn – 16 Months

Infants are amazing! Babies in our infant room enjoy playing with age-appropriate toys, reading books, singing songs, and snuggling with our loving caregivers. Tummy time is offered to build strength and encourage crawling, and naps are offered in the safety of a crib. The infant room operates with a 1 to 4 teacher-to-student ratio, so we can ensure children are loved and cared for as though they’re our own. Shortly after learning to walk, they transition to Toddlers, where more fun awaits!

Toddlers playing with colorful wooden toys


16 – 24 Months

Toddlers are fun! As they learn to maneuver both physically and emotionally in this big world, toddlers are met with lots of encouragement. Our 1 to 5 teacher-to-student ratio allows children to receive lots of love and attention. Toddlers participate in age-appropriate experiences such as playing with toys, doing puzzles, reading books, singing songs, doing basic craft projects, and learning simple Bible stories. They begin to learn manners, respect, and how to be a good friend before they’re off to the Twos!

A two year old child at daycare playing with colorful blocks


24 – 36 Months

Two-year-olds are ready to learn and explore! In the twos classroom, they build with blocks, read books, do art projects, play in water tables, and learn simple Bible stories and Bible verses. Two-year-olds begin learning ABCs and 123s through a 1 to 8 teacher-to-student ratio. They work on “big kid stuff” like toilet training, hand washing, and putting on their shoes and jackets. They also continue learning to navigate their emotions and to be a good friend, showing love and compassion for one another. This is a time of lots of changes, confidence-building, and fun!

A preschool-aged girl painting with a brush


3 Years & Up

Preschoolers are independent! Children at age three and up continue to learn what they need to thrive in kindergarten. Our preschool classroom operates on a 1 to 10 teacher-to-student ratio and offers lots of fun, hands-on educational opportunities to instill children with a love for learning. They learn through reading books, writing, and participating in experiments, and their motor skills are fine-tuned as they use scissors for cutting and making art projects. Preschoolers continue to learn more about God and their world, equipping them with the confidence and values they need to succeed in their future. 

We Encourage Physical Playtime And Movement.

Participating in movement throughout the day is proven to improve children’s focus, creativity, and mood. We provide age-appropriate physical activity to develop motor skills and expend energy. When possible, playtime is spent outdoors in the sunshine, but when the weather is too harsh, children are offered opportunities to participate in activities held in the gymnasium.

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